Fyn & Bos Origins

Fyn & Bos Origins

We wanted the brand ‘Fyn & Bos’ to not only reference fynbos as a beautiful and unique floral kingdom, but to equally create a brand that brought together two contesting ideas: on the one hand products that were ‘fyn’ in that they are ‘refined, elegant, natural and sophisticated’ and on the other ‘bos’ in that they also could be ‘eclectic, wild, untamed, humourous and perhaps even a little mad’ – a calm and curious design equilibrium.

It was as though the word ‘fynbos’ was just waiting to be split into its two constitutive parts to release its energy!

Fyn & Bos aims to communicate that duality by bringing colourful photographic and printed motifs of fynbos into homes that appreciate this floral splendour. We felt that this magnificent flower kingdom did not receive sufficient raw attention: it was recognised, but the full explosiveness of it is often held back in its human expression and interpretation. Our prints and products are therefore deliberately as realistic as possible. On the whole there is no need for us to enhance the already unbelievable configurations, shapes, colours and designs inherent in fynbos.

Early settlers referred to fynbos as mere ‘bosjes’ (bushes) with no real value. Fyn & Bos has set out to change this perception through interior design products, services and clothing flaunting the diversity of this 6th floral kingdom.

The brand aims to channel the virulent life that fynbos represents and to remind South Africans that there are parallels between us and this wilderness we share: fynbos not only lives, it thrives against the odds in nutrient poor soils, drought and great variances in climate. Fynbos is part of the fabric of what it is to be South African.

To celebrate fynbos proper.

Sharné Thorpe – Creative Director

Sharné Thorpe – Creative Director

Matthew Thorpe – Strategic Director

Matthew Thorpe – Strategic Director

Fynbos is spectacular – Fyn & Bos believes that’s how we need to represent it in our interiors.

Fyn &a Bos


Fyn & Bos seeks to stimulate interest and consciousness of the beauty and economic value of fynbos by introducing fynbos design into the everyday lives of the people of South Africa and abroad.


Fyn & Bos intends to become the go to supplier of fynbos inspired high-end interior design products and services as well as clothing, catering for the environmentally conscious consumer. Fyn & Bos also intends to become a catalyst for mutual support for and within conservation initiatives.


Fyn & Bos manufactures interior design and clothing products and provides interior design services with specific emphasis on fynbos motifs and designs.


Fyn & Bos is committed to creating awareness and channelling funding into fynbos conservation and protection of endangered species. The company also believes that this can only be achieved by education and employment of persons in industries pertaining to fynbos and tourism.