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Fyn & Bos interior design focuses on residential as well as small and intimate business and retail environments. Using lighting, materials, textures, colours and furniture that evoke a sense of belonging and calm in a South African context for our clients.

Naturally our brand recognises the beauty of fynbos and how it can achieve those goals by making your space a celebration of South Africa in this nature-inspired way. But we also recognise that your ultimate design look can be achieved in several ways.

Our designs and style blend particularly well with contemporary, Neolithic, Scandinavian, rural, Zen, minimalistic and Japanese influences and a fusion of Africa with what we call ‘Huguenot Baroque’. We love to explore other styles as well.

Our minimalistic style is not done in a manner that sacrifices comfort, but rather seeks to find a balance between on the one hand physical comforts, and on the other visual and mental comforts. Space, light and the right items strategically placed allows a space to centre the occupants.Less clutter allows the occupant to focus on key prized possessions that enhance that sense of belonging and self.

"We believe that to achieve this vision effectively, it is not only what we bring into a space, but equally important what we don’t: by the deliberate non-use of materials and methods that do not correspond with our client’s ethos and lifestyle values."

It recognises that self-worth does not come from continually adding, but rather from consciously choosing design elements that resonate the essence of the occupant over a prolonged period of time.

We favour the clever use of glass, wood, concrete, natural fabrics and different metals together with neutral earthy tones to create the perfect ambiance. As with its product line, Fyn & Bos interiors continually considers our impact on the environment, how to create awareness and how it can channel its actions in a beneficial manner.

We look forward to collaborating with you
and re-inventing your space.

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