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Our Products

Our interpretation of fynbos is twofold: represent the rawness of the colours, design and shapes in fynbos as honestly as possible, and occasionally throw in a dash of wildness.

Unapologetically the fynbos of South Africa. Refined, bold, wild, sophisticated, energetic, tough – it’s all there.

The fynbos motifs on our products are all photographs taken by the Fyn & Bos team, notably by Sharné our creative director. We refrain from stock photos, and travel to all our photo shoot destinations to capture images of fynbos in its natural environment.

All Fyn & Bos products are made to high quality standards with many components being handmade and supporting local businesses. We prefer it this way, so that we know each piece can be appreciated for many seasons.


Fyn & Bos likes nothing more than personalising the fynbos motifs we use in our designs for your space, whether that be from our many stock photos or by visiting your area to do a photo shoot. Once-off designs are also possible to create that exclusive feeling.

We pride ourselves in capturing all our own photographs of fynbos to be used in prints, patterns and motifs, and tailoring the finished products to incorporate aspects such as your colour scheme, design style, fynbos flora occurring in your area and other personal preferences.

Our first ever commission involved aloe and spekboom motifs for an entire camp at a world famous game reserve. The final products were relevant, eclectic and took seemingly ordinary subject matter and gave them a wow factor, with a resultant ecstatic client.